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Your teeth are some of your most important body parts, used for both socialising and eating. As such, it’s critical for you to keep your teeth in good condition, so that you can keep making friends, smiling for photographs, and eating the food that you enjoy. Even healthy teeth can be prone to aesthetic concerns from time to time, though, and it won’t do to have your teeth looking dirty and stained. Brushing and flossing sometimes isn’t enough just on its own. Regular cosmetic dental treatments is an important part of keeping your mouth and teeth healthy.veneers

There are three major options for people who want to improve the look of their teeth, and the right one for you will depend largely on the condition of your mouth. If your teeth are just a bit yellow and haven’t suffered any permanent damage to their appearance, then the best option may be teeth whitening. Kiama residents frequently rely on teeth whitening procedures to buff up their teeth for a healthy and vibrant look, and it is often a convenient, cost-effective process. Using light and coloured gel, a sophisticated teeth whitening procedure can facilitate chemical changes in teeth that create long-lasting change.

If your teeth are naturally quite yellow and whitening is unlikely to be effective, you may want to consider veneers instead. In Kiama, dentists use veneers to help hundreds of people in different walks of life, who rely on these semi-permanent covers to make their teeth gleam and sparkle on a daily basis. Cemented in place over your existing teeth, good veneers may last for over a decade, making them a worthwhile investment. Finally, if you’re missing any teeth entirely, you may want to pursue dentures as a way of covering up the gaps in your smile.

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Bluewaters Dental Care provides a variety of effective cosmetic options to patients who are seeking a fuller, whiter smile and a happier life. Whether you’re looking for dentures to fill a hole in your grin, teeth whitening to brighten up your smile, or veneers for a longer-lasting whitening solution, you’ll find that Bluewaters Dental Care can meet all your needs in a friendly and effective manner. Our dentists will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of each procedure with you so that you can make an informed decision about the best way to proceed.

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